Looking For A Better Balance Between Direct And OTA Booking?

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Looking For A Better Balance Between Direct And OTA Booking?


Looking For A Better Balance Between Direct And OTA Bookings? There’s no magic button that suddenly opens the floodgates to direct bookings. And while your striving to earn more direct bookings, how do you keep your market share of OTA business. Find out how we can help you adjust your revenue scale in a more favorable balance. COMPLETE RESORT PACKAGES, WEB/ONLINE PACKAGES, CREATIVE/BRANDING PACKAGES. Find Out More

We Truly are a FULL Service Agency. At Figment Design we realize that clients are our partners and that we are an extension of their sales and marketing team. As a creative agency and marketing agency, we don’t just produce the work and walk away, we care about the results for our clients, and we work hard to ensure the results generate business.Whether it’s to develop your brand through new and exciting creative design, or to develop effective media campaigns that reach the right target, Located in Miami, FL (Coconut Grove) The Figment Design has a team that will focus on you and meet your needs. We pride ourselves in being hands on. This is an advertising agency that will actually listen to your needs, work diligently in collaboration with you, your thoughts, ideas and concerns, with the ultimate goal of generating powerful results. Though services are expansive and cover a lot of ground within this industry, the professionals at Figment have been working in their respective fields for many years successfully and can easily navigate our clients/partners through the various aspects of the advertising process. We are a full service agency offering all services from Creative Development to final production… we are A Creative Powerhouse. We offer our expertise in all aspects of advertising including: graphic design, web design, full service printing, direct mail, brochures, fulfillment and distribution. Additionally, we proudly offer photography, media planning and buying, promotional items, vehicle wraps and trade-show displays. And with an industry that is always changing and making technological advances, additional services are being added every day in order to better service our clients and their needs. (FIG-muh-nt) a mere mental invention, a creative imagination… isn’t this where advertising and marketing starts. We are the Creative Powerhouse that will take the time to learn your business and your competition, we then develop a business identity wrapped around you… and then the fun begins. Our creative team goes to work making you stand out from your competition. Once that is done, then the strategic thinking comes in and our marketing team figures out where your creative will earn you the best ROI. What is it worth if it doesn’t get to the right people and why waste money on the wrong people. We provide all services from start to finish, creative, web, marketing strategies, media buying and placement, even fulfillment and direct mail. Executive Offices – Coconut Grove (Miami, FL). Production – Doral, FL

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