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Unpack to Repack: Optimizing Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Do you feel like every time you turn around there is a “NEW” digital option that you must have? Not sure what is really important and what is waste? Are all these options helping or hurting your campaign? In the ever-evolving digital landscape, businesses are often bombarded with new tools and technologies, leaving many feeling […]

Get Ready for a Recovery full of Opportunities

Travel is facing turbulent economic conditions now, but I want to encourage businesspeople and companies around the world to prepare for a new year.

What fishing has taught me about business

I’ve been fishing for 49 years, captaining my own boat and facing off against hundred-pound adversaries in the ultimate battle of wills. And while my hobby has enriched my personal life, I don’t think I ever expected it to have such a profound impact on my professional life.

Travel marketing strategies and trends for 2022

Travel is finally opening back up not just domestically but around the world, and people are ready to get back out there and meet new people, experience new adventures, and discover new places. Over the last few years, the tumultuous changes in the world have left their mark on the travel industry, which has adapted […]

Benefits of a good social media strategy for your small business

Americans spent about 1,300 hours browsing social media last year. That averages out to more than 3.5 hours a day, time spent interacting with friends, laughing at funny cat videos, or just mindlessly scrolling. About 70 percent of Americans use at least one social media site, with YouTube a perennial favorite, followed by Facebook, Instagram, […]

How Does Your Business Deal with a Crisis?

There are different ways to deal with a crisis from a business standpoint.

Accessibility Compliant Websites: Why is this Important?

Accessibility compliant websites are sites that are made disability-friendly or in other words, easy to use for users with disabilities.

Choosing The Right Voice For Your Brand

Developing your brand’s identity is a multi-faceted process, which includes designing a memorable logo, typeface, and taglines that demand attention.

Design Trends to Watch for in 2019

Maybe you’re starting a business and considering your future logos and banner ads. Maybe you just like playing around in Photoshop.

5 Ways to Maximize ROI on PPC Ads

If your business uses PPC ads for search engine marketing, there’s a chance that you’re spending too much.

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