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Get Ready for a Recovery full of Opportunities

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I know we’re facing turbulent economic conditions right now, but I want to encourage businesspeople and companies around the world to prepare for a new year bringing what could be a plethora of opportunities.

While inflation and recessionary conditions are expected to prevail over the next several months, defending your brand and doubling down on your marketing, creative and technology are especially important right now.

As pandemic-induced restrictions continue to disappear, the destinations and hospitality entities that reemerged earlier and benefited from a reduced playing field over the past year need to prepare for stronger competition and must be persistent in their efforts to maintain their position and standing.

2023 is going to bring new opportunities, I’m sure of it, particularly for the Caribbean hospitality and tourism sector. The continued demand for travel to the Caribbean should give hoteliers, destination marketers and managers, and tour operators reason for optimism.

Yes, there are serious challenges facing the sector – from aircraft availability to labor and supply shortages, but the demand side of the equation is strong, and we need to tackle these issues with solution-oriented approaches.

None of us knows precisely what will happen in the new year, but we all need to be prepared for a recovery that bears much promise for our sector.

When it comes to brands, whether you are independent or major, having sustained exposure is critical. You can’t go dark because if you do, you may have to spend significant resources rebuilding, and potentially even starting from scratch.

Let us step into the light and take advantage of the golden opportunities this crisis has given us to look ahead. Let’s burnish our assets and prepare for a likely explosion of opportunities for growth and profit.

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