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Travel marketing strategies and trends for 2022

Travel marketing strategies and trends for 2022 - blog

Travel is finally opening back up not just domestically but around the world, and people are ready to get back out there and meet new people, experience new adventures, and discover new places. Over the last few years, the tumultuous changes in the world have left their mark on the travel industry, which has adapted and evolved to meet new regulatory standards, maintain satisfaction rates, and address changing needs. If your travel marketing strategy has not changed with the latest social media trends, you might be missing out on some new opportunities.

The latest travel marketing trends are designed with the latest travel trends in mind and can help you stay on top of the ever-evolving world of travel.

1. Expect the Unexpected: Meeting Travelers’ Expectations

Previously, travelers have had one big priority: They have wanted to have memorable experiences at affordable prices. Since 2019, those priorities have shifted. Cost became less of a factor in traveler decisions while sanitation and flexibility became much bigger priorities.

In a world where travel plans can turn on a dime, this just makes sense. Travelers want the option of transfers or refunds if their travel plans change at the last minute. They also want policies that focus on health, including enhanced cleaning and disinfection procedures and contactless check-in and check-out options. Environmentally friendly policies and upgrades featuring elite benefits rank highly these days, too.

You may not be able to meet each expectation for each traveler, but using your website, social media trends, and emails and newsletters to spread the word about your specific benefits is important. You can let your clients know that you are addressing their concerns and will be incorporating exciting new options and features in the coming weeks and months.

2. Get Social: Leveraging the Power of Social Media

People spend more than two hours a day on social media. They use various platforms to browse the news, chat with friends, and share updates about their lives. Social media can also be a tool for travel businesses to connect with potential clients. From TikTok, which has more than a billion active users, and Twitter to Instagram and Facebook, social media enables you to share pictures, tell stories, and showcase your brand in a way designed to highlight the best features.

One of the best aspects of social media is that your followers can engage and interact with your posts, giving you new ways to understand their needs and fine-tune your message. You can respond immediately with dynamic campaigns, high-quality content, and higher engagement levels that reach farther and perform better.

3. Be Direct: Marketing through Email and Newsletters

It is time to move on from the idea of direct mailers stuffed into a mailbox and immediately discarded and engage with a new model. Newsletters and email marketing have also evolved over the years, and this type of one-on-one communication can be completely tailored to meet readers’ needs, especially in the travel industry. You can send highly targeted newsletters and email marketing strategies to build relationships with new and prospective clients, promote loyalty programs, encourage reviews, and make special offers for future travel experiences.

This is also known as personalized or targeted marketing, and it is one of the hottest trends in the tourism industry today. Send your clients guides to exciting new places, tailored suggestions that they can use during upcoming trips and getaways, and links to convenient apps to check-in or out or manage loyalty points. You can even create loyalty programs that reward repeat customers and encourage greater interaction, such as social media engagement.

4. SEO: Optimizing your Website

Website SEO might just prove to be the most important aspect of travel marketing in the upcoming year. As more people seek to discover new lands and opportunities, they often begin with a simple web search. If your site does not show up on the first or second page of the search results of the various major search engines, you could be missing out on some big opportunities.

Travel searches are skyrocketing, and those searches include not just travel destinations but entertainment venues, dining establishments, transportation rentals, accommodations, leisure activities, and more. Each of these searches offers multiple opportunities for you to populate your website with informative content and engagement opportunities, attracting potential new clients and reaching new audiences.

When optimizing your site, remember to design for your target users with a focus on mobile users. Ensure your contact details are readily available and easily accessed so that users can locate all relevant information with a simple clinic, including your hours, services, amenities, and other information.

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