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8 Ways to Boost Your Conversions

There is no one simple solution to boost conversion rates, as techniques and tactics vary with each industry and target audience. When you want to overhaul your current landing page design or boost conversion rates throughout your website, there are a few creative methods to keep in mind that are optimal routes to take for any type of business.

Redesign Your Landing Page

A landing page is where a visitor or prospective customer first arrives on your website or within your mobile app. Landing pages often determine the failure or success of a promotion, either incentivizing users to learn more about your business (leading to a purchase), or quickly leave the site in search for an alternative source.

A landing page redesign is one of the first steps to take when you want to boost conversion rates, especially if you are not seeing the desired results with your current design.

Optimize Your Website’s Speed

A slow-loading website can quickly lead to lowering conversion rates and boosting your site’s bounce rate. Just a 1-second delay on your website has the ability to cause a 7% drop in your overall conversion rate.

Optimize your website’s speed by upgrading server equipment and implementing any updates and patches that are necessary with CMS solutions such as WordPress. Compare web hosts to choose a provider that offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee with overwhelmingly positive reviews and customers testimonials. A faster website allows you to maximize your brand’s online visibility and reach with both new visitors and loyal followers who are thinking of becoming customers.

Remember the K.I.S.S Motto

In web design, it is important to keep “KISS” (keep it simple, stupid) in mind when creating a site that works for your users. Avoid creating overly-complicated websites that are difficult to navigate or offer confusing branding and messaging. Instead, focus on how a user interprets your website and whether your message is easily interpreted. Is your call-to-action relevant and appealing to your target audience? Is your website’s content appealing and useful to your users? Consider user testing to gain feedback and necessary insight into your website’s current layout and how it can be made better for future visitors.

Implement Eye-Catching Typography

Put typography to use on your landing page and any page focused on driving conversions and generating revenue. Get creative with typography by using eye-catching fonts and colors that blend with your company’s branding.

Video Landing Pages

Video is the most popular media used by both advertisers and web designers in order to increase conversion rates while boosting interest in a product or service that is showcased. Showcase videos that best represent your brand while motivating users to learn more about your business. Gain the trust of visitors with a professional video that is appealing and provides an incentive to make a purchase from you. Create a video landing page that instantly catches the eye of your visitors while quickly conveying the brand message you want your users and prospective customers to see.

Take Advantage of White/Negative Space

Negative space is often referred to as “white space” in the web design and development world. It refers to space in a website’s layout that does not include words, typography, or other graphics to distract from the page’s content and the user’s experience. Increase your website’s conversion rate by taking advantage of negative space by implementing a CTA (call-to-action) button, graphic, or catchy slogan.

Show Facts and Statistics

Implement an “achievement counter” on your website to intrigue visitors and to build trust with those who are thinking of making a purchase from you. Achievement counters often include user-feedback and percentages that represent consumer satisfaction and statistics relevant to the products or services you offer.

Use an F-Layout for Your Website

An F-layout is a website design that includes a large horizontal header and a layout that is in the overall shape of the letter F. Because users read left to right, include your content in blog format on the left side of the screen, allowing for room on the right side for a CTA to encourage sales and more engagement. Add a catchy graphic, video link, or inviting text-based CTA to a section on the right side of your layout for maximum effectiveness.

Getting creative with your online presence and keeping your user base in mind are both essential tactics necessary to truly boost your site’s conversion rate. With the right landing page design and digital marketing in place, outshine your competition while providing your users with the right incentives to trust your brand and make a purchase.

If you are unsure of what steps to take with boosting conversion rates for your business, contact Figment Design. We offer professional digital marketing services that are personalized to fit the individual needs of our clients in all industries.