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Digital marketing encompasses SEO, Social Media, Web Design, and SEM/PPC, and must be backed by a strong, holistic strategy. The difference between strong, effective campaigns with measurable results is a solid plan of attack. The internet is a big place, and it’s easy to get lost. But here at Figment, we help you navigate the web, and come out ahead of the competition. We use the latest, cutting-edge technology, search engine approved techniques, and industry best practices to ensure success. In our hands, your digital campaigns are sure to thrive.

Social Media – Social Media is one of the top tactics used to grow a brand’s presence online. There’s a delicate balance between pushing your sales, promotions, and products or services and informing and educating your would-be clientele. Here at Figment we understand the value of a like, share, retweet, and regram. And we take full advantage of that by helping your company flourish online. Using tools, tracking, and analytics we don’t simply automate posting. But rather we watch, measure, adjust and repeat to make sure you get the most of out of social media. Having a strong social strategy is an important component of your business’ overall online marketing efforts.

Web Design – User experience and user interface (UX/UI) is more important than ever before. In the glory days of the internet, driving tons of traffic to your website meant instant success. Fast forward nearly two decades, and it’s clear that’s not the case any longer. Your website must be easy to use, easy to understand, work well, and be mobile, desktop, and tablet friendly. The overall look of the site must be modern, refined, and take advantage of industry trends. At Figment Design, we have over 20 years’ experience in creative design and web development. And we know how to deliver a cutting-edge website that will impress visitors to it, but more importantly drive sales and leads.

SEO – There are literally hundreds, maybe even thousands of companies that know SEO. The difference between Figment and the competition, is that we understand it. We’re a trusted, Google Partner, and don’t engage in black hat SEO which might provide rankings and success today, but will fail you tomorrow. We understand that Google and other search engines are looking for the most relevant, easy to use website, so we make sure to deliver on that directive. Our experts work diligently to increase your site’s online visibility, keyword rankings, and traffic.

SEM/PPC – Paid ads, whether they be in AdWords or Bing, compliment a strong SEO campaign. It’s not enough to rely on SEO to grow your business, website traffic, and sales or leads. Your business needs paid advertising too. Display or banner ads shown on third party websites along with pay-per-click text ads strengthen your business’ existing campaigns. At Figment, we understand that these campaigns can potentially be costly, but we understand how to manage both low and high budget campaigns to maximize ROI.

Strategy – Anyone can optimize a website for SEO, and turn on a PPC campaign. That’s easy. The challenge is to be effective, stay within budget, optimize the campaign, and maximize spend. At Figment we understand a thoughtful digital marketing strategy is key to success. And a result, our industry experts spend a great deal of time customizing a strategy for your business that works. And it’s that strategic thinking that has sustained us for over two decades.

Mobile App Development -We’re excited to now offer mobile app development for Android and iOS. Now more than ever, mobile search and smartphone use is the way in which the consumer engages with brands. We’ve put our creative juices to work to develop great apps for businesses both large and small..