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Website Design and Development

The primary goal of your website is to attract your viewers, give them something enticing that will keep them interested, allow them to easily navigate to their interests, and move them one step closer to a call or a booking.

It all sounds very simple, however, there’s a lot of intricate pieces that work together to make these things happen. Fortunately, you have us and we know what works. We have a proven track record throughout the web industry, not only designing and building websites, but also developing marketing efforts such as email campaigns, PPC and online advertising that WORKS. We also have a detailed reporting system that allows you to see what is happening online and how each initiative affects visitors and traffic. Our ultimate goal is to get more “qualified” visitors to your site, and build your organic traffic.

All of our sites are fully customized, fully optimized for SEO, provide Content Management Systems, and are scalable for growth and new technology. We also provide full online media plans to drive consumers to your site with full reporting for performance, ROI and more.

In our recent endeavors, we have taken an island nation to one of the top 10 Caribbean destination websites online, while decreasing their existing budget. With over 1 million website visits each year, and over 85,000 visits per month, they have generated more than 300,000 leads! We think that our clients should not spend more…but spend SMARTER!

Everyone is using it…even you!

No matter what you do, it seems that somehow or someway you have to use the internet. The first thing you do to “check something out” is to look them up on the web. Make sure that your web presence is searchable, but then make sure your future clients are just as comfortable on your site as they would in your lobby. Make your site inviting. Figment has your solution; from initial design, development, programming, mobile devices and much more.

looking good is
feeling good