Aerial Photography - 600 series Pro Red and Pro Orange helicopters

600 Series Pro Red and Pro Orange:

Pro Red and Pro Orange:

These helicopters are larger 600 series. They have all been upgraded with state of the art electrical systems, gyros, and stabilized camera mounts. Although these machines are able to achieve speeds up to 90MPH, they are used for skirting beaches, long distance runs and vast overviews of properties or landscapes.

Equipped with individual camera controls, these helicopters have a pilot that is constantly positioning or flying the helicopter over the location, while a seperate camera operator is controlling the camera from a base station. This unit has the ability to fly up to 3-miles, although this is very rarely the occasion.

As a midsize helicopter we use this to provide smooth flyovers, long distance aerials for beaches, golf courses, boats and hotels. Imagine being able to fly within 50 feet of a couple on your beach or golfers teeing off. This helicopter can be used to follow moving subjects and keep them in focus. Primary wind conditions for this unit are up to 15knot winds. If we are shooting in motion and not trying to achieve hover, these can be used up to 20knots.

Cameras: Best scenario is HD GoPro Hero II – Contour Video HD – Smaller HD Video/Cameras All Video is shot in Full 1080HD





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