Our Client: Carillon - Figment Design


Branding / Web Design / Marketing


Carillon Miami Beach needed fresh marketing pieces, digital and print, that represented the brand in a sophisticated and crisp way. The goal was to convey simple elegance and relaxed luxury.


Multiple homogeneous designs were developed. The pristine waters and striking sunsets Miami Beach is known for were taken into account and were weaved into the pieces. Clean designs were key in the execution process to ensure their brand identity was evoked.

Logo Design, Branding and Identity

Graphic Design Advertising

Printing, Advertising, Marketing and Design

Catalogs, Branding, Brochures and Concept Designs

Custom Printing, Design and Advertising

Promotional Items, Custom Promo Items and Custom Printing

Magazine Layouts, Print Advertising and Conventional Advertising

Mobile and Digital Design

Window Wraps, Vehicle Wraps and Photography