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/// Tadin Herb & Tea Co. ///

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Founded in 1982 on a time-honored family tradition of using herbs as a natural remedy to promote overall wellness. The foundation of the brand is Family first. This includes the extended family of team members and the community. Figment Designs has cultivated this same sentiment for 29 years. When our team of designers and web developers were tasked to complete the redesign of Tadin’s website we embraced the assignment to ensure the Tadin’s tradition is woven into every aspect of the user journey. A product you can trust to nourish body and soul.



Creating a new website that is both user friendly while fully immersing the customer in the tradition and heritage of Tadin Teas is no simple task. We at Figment Designs knew that a website that is both easy to use and understand was a must-have, no matter the client. To best implement this we created a showcase system for each of their products in an easy-to-use navigation.

Tadin has also been known for celebrating its Hispanic heritage and values, so creating a system in which they could easily gather customer feedback from both Spanish and English speakers was paramount. Any information they gathered could be used to share recommendations, better serve their customers, and help in the creation of new products.


When we were tasked to redesign the entire website for Tadin Herb & Tea Co., our focus was creating an immersive experience both for Tadin and their customers. By implementing a multi-language system that could seamlessly transition from English to Spanish, we knew this was important for both of their targeted markets. We also aimed to create an experience that was both easy to understand and knowledgeable enough to make recommendations to the customer on a personal level. Our team, having ample experience designing and developing websites, implemented cutting edge creative and paired that with detailed market research to optimize the user’s experience.