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From corporate to Caribbean, The Westin at Grand Cayman has been an exciting rebranding project for which our team at Figment Design has worked hard to create a new look and feel that embraces what this paradisiac vacation spot is all about. A complete photoshoot of the resort and its surroundings was the beautiful start to this project, followed by email marketing efforts, creative design and collateral production.


The Westin is a renowned chain of upscale resorts across the world, so what makes The Westin Grand Cayman different from the rest? That was the challenge at hand at the start, and so, with a goal in mind to step away from the more generic, corporate feel and add that unique, Caribbean spice to its design, our team has worked hard to implement a rebranding strategy across the digital and physical world.

We wanted travelers to know what to expect from staying at the beautiful Westin Grand Cayman, from the start of their vacation search and it was important to ensure the hotel’s unique Caribbean-luxury feel came across all of its creative.


Creating a new look and feel for the Westin Grand Cayman started with a professional photoshoot led by our team where we concentrated not only on the resort premises but also its surroundings and Grand Cayman as a destination. From detailed shots of in-room amenities, and exquisite dishes in the resort’s restaurants to beaches and scenery around the island.

This holistic rebranding strategy also took care of collateral production, like restaurant menus showcasing the resort’s new images and email marketing campaign for previous and potential resort guests to understand the lifestyle the Westin Grand Cayman has to offer.