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Serenity Luxury All-Inclusive Resort Website Launch

Serenity Website Launch

Have you ever visited a website that transported you to a new world? That’s the experience one has when perusing the newly redesigned Serenity at CoconutBay website. As soon as you arrive at the homepage, you’re instantly transported to a tranquil, Caribbean vacation. It’s as if you’re physically there, experiencing what it would be like to be a guest at this resort, which is not an easy feat. This was a challenge for our creative team, but we feel we achieved an amazing result. And we’ve actually received positive feedback from would-be consumers and the client alike.

So what’s the secret? What did it take to make this website so effective? Serenity enlisted the help of our ad agency, Figment Design based in sunny Miami, FL. We manage to escape the confines of the standard web page and allow visitors to the Serenity site to explore what resort has to offer. We want the user to leave the site with a strong understanding of what Serenity has to offer, and to make sure the buyer’s journey is clear and enjoyable.

Serenity at Coconut Bay is extremely appealing because so much time, effort, and expertise went into building and designing this resort. That same passion and commitment was put into developing an efficient and successful website, which is a must-have in resort marketing. It includes breathtaking photos, captivating videos, and a highly-functional and stylized layout. You’ll want to eat the gourmet food right off of the screen. You’ll want to soak in your plunge pool. You’ll wish you were already there, and question why you haven’t already booked your stay.

Our Partnership

It goes without saying, but this website has a fully mobile-responsive booking engine provided by ReservHotel, which is highly important considering nearly 47% of travelers begin their search on a smartphone. It allows the guests to compare rooms by their features and pictures before booking. ReservHotel also provides a calendar that shows the lowest available rates, which is a great way to increase direct bookings. If guests are traveling from different countries, this booking engine offers currency conversion and translates up to seven different languages. The guest conveniently has the option to purchase hotel and air packages, as well any additional amenities and outside services. Our primary goal with the hotels and resorts we partner with is to maximize their exposure and increase revenue (room nights and bookings).

Figment Design and ReservHotel work together seamlessly to create the best booking experience for travelers. Hotel marketing with two, expert companies is a recipe for success that has been proven time after time. This Serenity website is a perfect example of giving the consumer everything they want and need in a luxury suite resort site.

Many Services Offered

We know that a website alone isn’t enough to achieve marketing success, and that’s why Figment also offers a full arsenal of digital marketing services from SEO and SEM as well as social media and email marketing. You can read more about those services here.