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Why SEO Alone Isn’t Enough

Why Seo alone isnt enough

Website traffic is incredibly important to any company. Since almost all consumers conduct some amount of online research when looking for businesses, an increase in website traffic should almost always correspond with an influx of new customers.

Faced with the need to acquire as much website traffic as possible, it’s likely that you’ve focused much of your digital marketing energy on search engine optimization. SEO, after all, is what brings people to your website. The problem with on-page SEO, though, is that too many business owners focus exclusively on it. Have you ever paused to think about how well your website serves the traffic that it receives? Have you ever considered the fact that building a better relationship with your website’s visitors is actually an SEO skill in itself?

It’s time to become a more complete online marketer. Search engine optimization alone isn’t enough to make a website successful. We’re going to explain why.

The User Experience

When you construct pages on your website, it’s likely that you spend a fair bit of time on aspects that users don’t specifically notice — items such as meta and alt tags, keyword density and PageRank sculpting. However, none of those items contribute directly to the experience that a user has when visiting your website. People visit your website because they want information that only someone with your expertise can provide. If you want your content to lead to the acquisition of new customers, you need to focus on providing a great user experience. In doing so, you’ll also contribute to your website’s search engine ranking. Inbound links factor greatly into a website’s search engine rankings, and few website owners willingly link to mediocre content.

Addressing Social Media

While it’s fine to focus your digital marketing energy primarily on your own website, it’s unwise to ignore social media because social network profiles often rank prominently for branded search terms. Google knows that visiting a company’s social network profiles is an important part of the process for many people who research businesses online. Having several active pages on social networks can actually strengthen the search engine ranking of your official website because it tells Google that you are serious about your brand’s identity. Promoting your content on social networks is also an excellent way to increase the content’s reach.

Conversions Drive Profits

Search engine optimization helps your website attract traffic, but it doesn’t do anything to help you earn money from that traffic. Even great content doesn’t necessarily help your bottom line. Content engages visitors and establishes your authority and expertise, but content doesn’t drive sales. Building a sales funnel — and encouraging website visitors to enter the funnel — is what ultimately makes your optimization efforts worthwhile. Whether you want website visitors to enter your sales funnel by buying a product immediately, signing up for your mailing list or filling out a form to request an appointment, each piece of content that you publish should include a strong call to action telling the visitor what to do next.

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