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analytics & reporting

At Figment, we don’t expect you as the client to login to Google Analytics, AdWords, or Bing and try to make sense of massive amounts of data. We take care of that for you! But more importantly, we present your business with regular analytics reporting to explain what’s working, and what’s not. And use that info to course correct as needed. After all, adjustments will need to be made, and the only way to find identify those areas of opportunity is evaluating and analyzing the available data.

ROI – Return on Investment. Those three words have huge meaning for your business. At Figment we understand that a high number of leads or sales is only as good as the cost of acquisition. That’s why we monitor spend levels, cost per clicks, site visits, and other metrics to ensure that not only are you selling, but that you’re doing so for a reasonable price. And we aren’t afraid to make adjustments and changes to drive better results.

KPI’s – Key Performance Indicators, or KPI’s, are the metrics by which success is measured. At Figment we understand that each business measures success different. Whether it’s app downloads, hotel bookings, email signups, average order value, site visits, or any other metric, we make sure that we understand your goals, and plan accordingly. After all, it’s our job to meet your needs.