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Resort Marketing Strategies in 2018

Resort Digital Marketing

You may be trying to get your hotel brand out there but, your efforts are not bearing any fruits. As a resort owner, creating awareness for your hotel can be an uphill task. Additionally, the infinite number of resorts out there poses the challenge of carving out a unique identity for your retreat. An excellent resort marketing strategy would leave your guests having a good reason to come back or at least be your new ambassador to tell the story. A look at ingenious ways you can get the word out there about your hotel will make you rethink your current marketing strategy.


In this era of technology, websites are your best option for an online presence, and like all businesses, your resort needs a site. How else would an interested guest find your hotel online? Website marketing trends are an excellent tool for hospitality marketing. Whether an independent or a chain resort, it can assist in leveling the playing field. Additionally, websites provide a channel to receive invaluable feedback, monitor traffic and answer customer queries regarding any issues they might have experienced. If done correctly by knowledgable resort marketers, you could accumulate proprietary information to give you geographic data, trends, interests and more. Their response is vital in helping to identify strengths and weaknesses for improvement.

Social media

The shifting to online platforms is an ever-increasing challenge to resort managers. Many fail to realize its potential. Not only are the platforms meant for interacting and connecting, but also providing an excellent channel to market your hotel to potential guests. Hospitality marketing is now unlike the past. The millions of people on social media platforms provide a great place to grow your guest’s numbers. Furthermore, you can entice guests to spend a night at the resort through social media advertising campaigns. And when you have the right team planning your marketing, your social platforms will interact with your website and deliver even more powerful data for your future marketing campaigns.


Emails are another form of communication whose potential businesses are yet to realize. It is not the focus of most marketing strategy although it’s one useful digital marketing tool. It’s safe to say email is a valid marketing trend to reach out to new guests, and offer incentives to your travel partners for referring you. You can create a personalized email campaign to include content that will appeal to the guest’s individual needs. An automated email campaign will provide a faster and monitored resort marketing solution that builds customer loyalty. But you need to set yourself apart from the rest….and don’t junk it up…make it appealing visually, informative but to the point, and have it link to a landing page on your site for more data.


Among the rising marketing trends, polls are a worthy example of the power of feedback. Creating review platforms will help build the reputation of your hotel in offering excellent services and pleasant experience. Real input from guests through surveys can help you interact with guests and better still, direct your target marketing efforts, which in turn saves you wasted marketing dollars. Data from these customer surveys can help improve your services and get your guests more involved in changes at the resort.

A Final Thought

A resort marketing plan is still vital to compliment your tactic. If you feel the hassle of planning might be tiresome, there is always the option of hiring professional experts. A qualified digital marketing agency will combine branding with marketing efforts as your primary advertising goal. A superb example is Miami-based agency, Figment Design. Their years of experience and exceptional partnership acumen will help your resort incorporate modern approaches to meet your marketing needs and attract new guests.