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6 Ways to Grow Your Business’ Brand


You might know that you need branding, but do you know what that means? That term often creates confusion as business owners and managers try to create brand guidelines as part of their marketing strategy. The following tips will help you learn the basics of growing a fantastic brand for your business. 

Understand your Audience 

Stop guessing about your target market. You need to know exactly who wants your brand and why they want it. To do this, construct “personas” of your ideal customers. These are hypothetical constructs of the people who have all characteristics needed to benefit from your business. 

Create a Personality 

As you develop your brand to meet the needs of your ideal customers, create a personable character for your brand. This will help you create brand guidelines that will keep you focused on the things that your customers need, want and expect from your business. By giving your brand a personal identity and a consistent voice, you will differentiate it from competitors and become recognizable across all your marketing channels. 

Engage Social Media 

Social media marketing works best if you have first created personas and built a strong brand personality. Also, you should spend time learning about which social networks your customers prefer, so you know where to focus your efforts. 

Remember, your audience logs into social media to socialize, not to receive a barrage of sales pitches. Add value without pitching sales by posting and sharing valuable questions and responding to questions and comments. 

Blog Actively 

Complement your social media marketing activities by maintaining an active blog. This will give your social media audience with additional information as they enter your sales funnel. Additionally, your blog gives you a valuable tool to build the authority of your brand and connect with search engine users. Again, you should use your personas to keep your blog content focused and relevant to the people you need to reach. 

Provide Customer Service 

Customer service can give you a competitive edge that can lead to high levels of customer satisfaction and retention. Customer service can also become a profit center selling to existing customers usually costs probably be less than acquiring new ones. 

Your raving customers will gladly tell everyone they know about the wonderful experience they had with your brand and become willing, unpaid brand advocates. So, your customer service can become a valuable marketing tool, saving your business even more money. 

Find a Partner 

You can create synergy by joining forces with another brand that also interests your personas. So, make sure that your co-branding effort should allow both brands to benefit from the relationship in the form of an expanded audience. Insist on creating a winning solution for you, your partner and your customers. 

Now that you have learned important branding tips, get started putting them into practice. Remember that help is always nearby. At Figment Design, we have the talent, experience and resources needed to provide your business with outstanding branding and creative services.