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Our team at Figment Design is excited to begin the journey with Bloomed, a brand new laser hair removal and non-surgery aesthetic service provider in Miami. It is rewarding to help one of our clients start from scratch at the company’s inception and work together to make their idea of who the brand is come to life into a concise, yet unique, branding persona and messaging that will stand out among the competition and catch the interest of their audience. Our experts have come together to implement a powerful marketing package that includes brand development, website design, social media management, content creation, collateral production, logistics, large print format, operations assistance, SEO, and more.


Creating a new brand is always a fun and exciting challenge to have. A lot of research, brainstorming, creative designs and ideas have taken place to ensure Bloomed’s new persona comes to life with a clear image and messaging. But reaching this goal doesn’t mean our work stops there.

A new company is more than a new brand, it also means new marketing strategies that help generate brand awareness, and eventually, lead to conversions. Our Figsionaries, understand this and are ready to continue to help our client grow in their row to success.


Before starting execution, it was important for our team to truly understand who the company is, what makes it stand out, what they offer, who their audience would be, who the competitors are, and much more. This is exactly what we do at Figment Design. We will never jump to a conclusion without taking care of the basics, and that was our solution for Bloomed.

Currently, Bloomed and Figment Design have reached our first goal of creating a beautiful brand persona who is ready to take flight. The next step includes implementing holistic marketing strategies like SEO, content creation, social media management, logistics, operations assistance and analytics to increase brand awareness and growth.


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