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traditional marketing

traditional marketing

media buying – We call traditional marketing radio, television, cable print and distribution. It’s the older technology that still works…as long as your ads and message gets in front of the right audience. Our media planners and buyers know how to get you in the right place for the right price.

direct mail – Believe it or not, direct mail pieces can be highly effective despite our digital age. According to recent polls, 66% of people are more likely to remember to use a voucher if they have a hard copy. And 36% of people under 30 look forward to checking the mail each day. Don’t write off mailing until you analyze your audience behavior.

product design – If you have a product to sell, but aren’t sure how to communicate the brand, we can help with that. We’ve designed many items for sale with great success.

packaging – Your business has developed a great product, but now you need to figure out how to box or package it. That’s where we come into play. We have vast experience in designing the perfect packaging to communicate your branding, no matter how intricate or complicated you want it, we can bring it to reality.