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5 Ways to Improve Your Creative

5 Ways Improve Creative

The quality of your creative will determine the success of your content strategy. This is a basic truth that underlies all of your efforts to reach people on the internet. Here are five tactics you can use to maximize the impact of your digital content.

1. Aim for Quantity, Not Just Quality (I know this sounds backwards but read on…)

The internet moves a lot faster than traditional forms of media, in traditional media it’s more about the quality. Now that everybody is spending a lot of time on social media, content is consumed and discarded at an alarming rate. So don’t waste days perfecting the creative, because you are missing thousands of views, just make it short and interesting.

You should be putting out new creative work every day for your brand. Contrary to what you might expect, this will improve the overall quality of your creative. You and your team will get a lot of feedback that helps you to fine-tune your content, and if you are delivering them to your website, then they will have more detail that they can explore to their hearts content.

2. Look at Digital Trends

One of the most important marketing tips is to pay attention to the trends. Popular memes and hashtags can often be leveraged to reach new people. This is one of the benefits of a creative agency, since they will have a solid grasp of the current hot trends in the social media landscape, they can initiate and suggest “trendy options”.

3. Understand The Context Of Your Ads

Digital advertising can be a powerful driver for business growth. Your creative should be optimized for the context that the ad will be placed in. For example, you need to follow different principles when advertising on Facebook versus Instagram. The person creating your content should be fluent in all of the major social media platforms. What works for one, most of the time will not work for the other…it’s not a one-size-fits-all.

4. Try Variations On The Same Idea

Creativity is about trying a lot of different options. With digital marketing, you don’t have to commit to a single version of your creative. The internet gives you the option to try multiple variations and see which one performs best.

There’s a simple way to do this. Get three different versions of the same content idea and post them one-at-a-time, with space in between. If you delete the posts after the first ten minutes, most people won’t see them. Give them a little time to work for you and you will get information about which one performs best by watching the engagement statistics. This is valuable data that helps to drive better creative in the future.

5. Look For New Platforms

Your content is only as good as the platform it is on. If you could have been on YouTube in its first six months, it would have been easy to accrue a huge and valuable audience there. Don’t just test different ideas, test different platforms to find new opportunities for your creative to reach people. And pay attention to what is happening to those viewers, if they are just looking and that’s it, then they are not “quality” views for you. You want to engage people, so you should be looking to see if your audience is sharing, commenting, liking you etc, that’s when your message is working.

Creative That Makes a Difference

The best way to guarantee that your content will pop on the internet is to use a creative agency. If you don’t follow any of the other marketing tips in this article, listen to this one. Figment Design can help you execute an effective digital marketing strategy that will make a big difference for your brand. If you have the resources to put 3 or 4 staff members on your digital and social, and they are experienced in each one, then you have it covered…IF NOT, Figment can utilize their staff to dedicate a specific amount of hours per week to each media outlet and manage your digital and social marketing to be rich and engaging. Whichever you choose – good luck with your future content marketing efforts, and keep these tips in mind.