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17 Hotel Marketing Trends for 2017

Hotel Marketing

The hotel marketing landscape is geared for growth in 2017, with an increase in mobile marketing opportunities. There are also multiple new advertising channels available thanks to emerging technology and social media.

So what are some of the hottest hotel marketing trends to look out for in 2017?

1. Mobile is King

The IMRG Capgemini Quarterly Benchmarking Report notes that mobile traffic has overtaken desktop traffic. Google’s upcoming mobile-first web index will ensure marketers who prioritize optimizing their content for mobile users reap big in 2017.

2. Mobile Conversions Increasing

Payments using mobile platforms such as Paypal and Apple Way are making it easier for customers to book hotels online. Judging by increased mobile traffic, mobile payments will outdo credit card payments in 2017.

3. Tablet Use Declining

Improved mobile phone and laptop designs are causing a decline in tablet usage for hotel searches.

4. Changing Paid Search Strategies

Hotel competitors such as Airbnb and Google’s new extended text ads are causing a shift in paid search trends in the industry.

5. Innovative New Channels

Hoteliers are embracing new channels such as Airbnb to sell rooms, even with its unique set of challenges.

6. Peer Advocacy for Loyalty

Hotels are adding a personal touch to their social media efforts with tools such as that reward peer advocacy. Such tools provide social proof and promote brand loyalty.

7. SEO for Voice Search

Increasing voice search is transforming hotel SEO efforts. Content containing long-tail keywords is set to increase in 2017.

8. Search Algorithm Changes

Hotel marketers must be keen on their analytics this year. Google and Bing are set to make many changes to their search algorithms that will affect hotel searches.

9. Instagram E-commerce

Instagram is currently piloting an e-commerce feature to allow shopping on Instagram within the next 2-4years.

10. Snapchat Advertisements

Millenials are loving this highly visual social media platform. Snapchat Ads are therefore a winning formula for hotels in 2017.

11. Facebook Advertising for Mobile

95% of Facebook ads are being viewed on mobile, 85% of them with no volume. This means ads must be optimized for mobile and make sense even without the sound.

12. Preference for Video

Video budgets will increase in 2017 with an increasing demand for video content over text.

13. Facebook and Instagram Live Streaming

Sharing of real-time video on Facebook and Instagram Live will add a personal touch to your hotel’s online presence and promote social proof.

14. Metasearch is Essential

Adding metasearch to the marketing mix could prove to be a successful channel with the correct rate strategies.

15. Analytics Tools

There’s an increasing depth of analytics tools on all platforms to give you accurate information on demographics of your users and their behavior.

16. The Rise of Bing

Bing has experienced an increase in market share attributed to the launch of Windows 10.

17. Intelligent Databases in Mainstream Channels

Google Analytics, Facebook, and Google Adwords are providing a useful basis for targeted marketing campaigns.

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