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Social Media Tactics to Improve Conversions

social media conversions

Whether you fix computers or deliver Thai food, social media is one of the best tools of 2017 to boost your business. However, just what does it take to specifically improve conversions? Your business depends on not only driving traffic to your website but also on turning those visitors into customers. This article introduces 3 of the best tactics for improving time spent on social media.

Engagement Is Key

As helpful as it is to have plenty of views on your content, the most important part of marketing is engagement. You want your customers to actively comment and participate in what you’re posting. You’ll form a real, emotional connection, rather than create something that viewers forget about within 10 seconds.

So, what do you do to increase comments and get your viewers interested? YouTubers typically use “Like, comment and subscribe!” as their most common call-to-action. That’s one great way to boost engagement and encourage regular visits to your channel. Additionally, plenty of professionals using social media will end their content with a question to get the comments flowing. Whether asking about your audience’s favorite brand of acrylic paint or starting a discussion about dog breeds, it’s always possible to encourage engagement with questions that relate to your brand and business.

Overall, encourage people to participate in your posts and discuss your content, and you’re more likely to see sales and business growth.


As a business owner engaged in internet marketing, you shouldn’t just focus on sales numbers. Instead, you want to consider the content you’re putting out online and think about how it provides value to the viewer. Are you showing a low-res screenshot of a page from your coloring book, or are you sharing helpful coloring techniques and even a free, downloadable coloring page? Be generous with your information and the sales will follow.

The reason you want to provide value to increase conversions is that it will help your content spread across the internet. People are far less likely to share a simple advertisement than a useful tutorial that relates to your product. When focusing on value and specific customer needs, you’re sure to boost those sales.

Get Prepared

All of this can sound overwhelming if you’re new to the internet marketing game. That’s why it pays to use affordable tools like Hootsuite and Everypost. In the world of online marketing, it’s vital to post consistently and often. The aforementioned tools help you create and plan your marketing efforts in advance and even manage posts on multiple platforms.

Additionally, you’ll want to use a tool like HelloBar or Sumo to increase conversions once potential customers actually get to your website. The goal is to keep visitors on your website for as long as possible, with informational pop-ups and other marketing strategies. All in all, tools like these make your marketing journey much more organized and manageable.

Get Started

If you’d like to take these internet marketing lessons even further, we’re here to help. Contact us if you need marketing guidance, help with maximizing your ROI, or even just an informed, professional opinion.