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How to Succeed with Google Ads

success with adwords

Google AdWords is one of the most popular digital advertising platforms on the planet. It shouldn’t come as a surprise considering there are over 1.2 trillion Google searches per year (3.5 billion per day), and over $50 billion in annual revenue from Google ads.

Running a successful AdWords campaign can be a challenge for sure. It’s easy to blow through money quicker than a gambling addict at the track. But if you follow these simple steps, we guarantee you’ll see amazing results.

Conversion Optimized Landing Pages

A high monthly budget, good keywords, and well-written ads with strong headlines isn’t enough. If your ads links to landing pages with a poor user experience, that don’t have a contact form, “buy now” option, or other call-to-action (CTA), we promise you won’t make any progress. Think about it: if you see an ad, click on it, and then you can’t figure out the next step in the sales funnel won’t you probably leave the site?

Tried-and-True Methods

These approaches to AdWords landing pages have been tested time and time again, and provide great results:

  • Strong imagery: People love photos, so it makes sense to use good images on your landing page
  • Call-to-Action: What’s the next step? Make a purchase? Sign-up for a webinar? Request more information? Either way, there needs to be a clear action for the user to take.
  • Appropriate amount of information: Don’t over do it! People don’t want to read a novel! Include the basic info such as product features, unique selling proposition, and cost/price. Just think about what people need to know in order to convert e.g. fill out the contact form or make a purchase.
  • Squeeze page: Unlike a traditional landing page, this is a page which doesn’t have links to other parts of your website. And it’s very effective because it forces the user to take the desired action you have created for them

google device searchesMobile-Friendliness

If your landing page isn’t mobile-friendly, you would be better off not even creating it. Some of our clients receive as much as 70% of their paid traffic (AdWords) from a mobile device. That’s why it’s crucial to design a landing page that works well and looks good on a smartphone. While consumers overwhelmingly complete purchases or inquires on a desktop computer (between 45% and 60%), their initial contact with the product/service is generally via a smartphone (47% to 65%).

Look around you, right now. How many people are using a cellphone? Those are your customers and target audience. And you have to be prepared to gain their attention online.

Setting a Budget

Money is power. The larger your budget the more potential clicks you can get. But realistically there are limitations. Try and maximize your budget. The AdWords budget planner will give you a fairly accurate idea of how many clicks and impressions you can expect based on your budget and keywords. If you’re targeting expensive keywords, a smaller budget may not work. You have to try and choose keywords that make sense for your ads. Consider what people will search if they’re seeking out your product or service.

Take a Deep Breath

You can make this work! Just be planful and strategic. But don’t be afraid to fail. There’s a bit of trial and error involved. Just remember: the above tips will always provide the best results.

Not Sure How to Get Started?

If you feel like you need some assistance with your AdWords campaign, click here for more information. We would be happy to help.