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visual production

visual production

photography – In todays digital era, everyone with a cell phone calls themselves a photographer, but it takes a professional with a special eye for detail to get that perfect image in frame, with the right lighting, at the right moment. It doesn’t just happen by chance, and making a masterpiece seem natural and un-rehearsed take years of practice.

video – Are you shooting video…or are you trying to tell a story? We want people to experience what you have to offer through our video. So just shooting the bar or the restaurant or the beach, isn’t good enough. We want the viewer to be consumed in our production and leave with an everlasting memory.  Click here for details & examples.

editing – Videos and photos don’t always come out right the first time. Fortunately, our expert designers and production team can retouch and color correct photos, and edit videos to deliver the best results. And even when they come out great, you’ll be amazed what an experienced team can do putting them all together with music and voice.

radio – Scripts….scripts….scripts….Yes, we write them and we make them memorable. Getting your point across on radio is auditory only, so you don’t have the added retention that TV gives you. Our script writers know what to do the emphasize the phrases you want them to remember, or add the sound effect that is going to get their attention.

corporate videos – Have you ever seen a corporate video that “REALLY” made you understand what that company does – and it kept your attention all the way to the end. Telling your story, with the appropriate branding and messaging is a unique challenge, and we’re up for it. Tell us your story, and let us bring it to life.