Opportunity Awaits!

Our clients benefit from having the best creative in the market, along with the most comprehensive and competitive online marketing strategies in the industry. Take advantage, make your creative more visible to your audience, and track your ROI with a reliable reporting system.

No matter what the final product is, we have an in-house solution ready for you, and having an agency that can provide all your service, reduces the chance that your message or creative will be distorted. We love what we do and it shows in our work. We fully understand that our clients/partners are the most important part of our business, so our staff is constantly working to beat the competition and provide the best customer service in the industry. Our entire team is hands on, listening to your needs, and working diligently to bring your thoughts to reality.

Our most valuable marketing tool is our clients/partners success and we strive to make sure we meet and exceed all expectations. Partner with us and experience the difference.


Advertising & Strategic Marketing

Once you have the branding and messaging wrapped up…our team of “creatives” will develop a compelling campaign and make your message clear. Whether it’s creating campaigns for magazines, newspaper, online, self-promotions, web programs, radio, television, social media or multi-media…our creative is always well thought out, well planned, results-oriented and DEMANDS attention.

So often agencies tell you what you need to do, we like to take a different approach. We LISTEN to what your needs are, and what goals you would like to achieve. Then use competitive market analysis to make sure that these goals are attainable. Next, we plan a strategy of best markets, best prospects, best media reach, campaign promotions and budgets. Finally we execute. Once you approve a plan, we take care of all the activities in-house with daily management, real time reporting and activity updates.

We pride ourselves on keeping cross-promotions united in look and message; from internet strategy, SEO, Rich Media, Social Marketing and traditional media opportunities. We don’t just take your message and throw it out into the world and see what happens, we strategically analyze your customer, your target audience and develop plans to get the message to the right people. Utilizing the latest industry data, proprietary tools, geo-targeting, and social targeting, we not only provide the best results… we guarantee the best pricing.

In this market, One Size Does NOT Fit All…let us customize your plan!


Brand Development

Branding is much more than a logo…it’s what defines you in the eyes of the public and makes you more relevant than your competitors. There are many pieces that make up your brand identity, but each and every piece needs to bring them back to a recognition of who you are. Some brands are recognized by their jingle or their arches, but in your mind, you know who they are. This is what your brand should be, and every time an element of your brand is shown, your consumers should instantly associate it with you.

Research and thought goes a long way when placing your company in the midst of the competition; strategic positioning, compelling visuals, and above all, a memorable look. This is how we focus on your brand in a blur of competition.


Creative Design Services

Creative….it’s all about imagination and we’ve got a lot of it. Our team of creatives enjoy what they do, making your products stand out in a sea of advertisements.

Our creative department is staffed by seasoned professionals, which means your projects are worked on by people who research your product and your message. We believe in consistency and we believe in making your job easier. We do this by assigning an account manager, which will coordinate with you on a weekly basis, and ensure that your message is clear across all media platforms.

When it comes to your look and how the public views your business, don’t you want your creative to be memorable and stand out? We do! and that’s why we devote our talents to making every aspect of your creative exciting.

Our creative department is fully staffed with hybrid designers that are versed in print and digital media platforms, which again ensures your message and your brand is consistent. Let us perform a complete analysis on your creative and give you a new perspective on your creative and messaging.


Website Design and Development

The primary goal of your website is to attract your viewers, give them something enticing that will keep them interested, allow them to easily navigate to their interests, and move them one step closer to a call or a booking.

It all sounds very simple, however, there’s a lot of intricate pieces that work together to make these things happen. Fortunately, you have us and we know what works. We have a proven track record throughout the web industry, not only designing and building websites, but also developing marketing efforts such as email campaigns, PPC and online advertising that WORKS. We also have a detailed reporting system that allows you to see what is happening online and how each initiative affects visitors and traffic. Our ultimate goal is to get more “qualified” visitors to your site, and build your organic traffic.

All of our sites are fully customized, fully optimized for SEO, provide Content Management Systems, and are scalable for growth and new technology. We also provide full online media plans to drive consumers to your site with full reporting for performance, ROI and more.

In our recent endeavors, we have taken an island nation to one of the top 10 Caribbean destination websites online, while decreasing their existing budget. With over 1 million website visits each year, and over 85,000 visits per month, they have generated more than 300,000 leads! We think that our clients should not spend more…but spend SMARTER!


Online Marketing Opportunities SEO/SEM/PPC

A great website attracts more visitors, entices them to stay on the site longer, maximizes your conversion rate and increases sales. But how do you get them there? We have a full array of products that can deliver qualified visitors to your site. After all, you don’t need traffic… You need the RIGHT traffic!

Having your site fully optimized for (Search Engine Optimization) improves your organic ranking and your site’s visibility, which in turn helps to achieve more qualified traffic.

We combine many key steps to improve your site’s ranking; on-page/off-page tactics, key word analysis, code optimization, link building, professionally written content, PPC-pay per click, banner ads, full mobile capabilities and a fully integrated reporting system that makes sense.


Socialize on the Web

Just because your site is ready and looks good, don’t forget about your social media options. That’s right, if you’re going to make your site the best, make sure you follow through and make your social media just as good.

Do you even know all the social sites that are being used today? Do you know which ones will work for you and which ones won’t? We specialize in making your social media sites interact with your new site, so that all your blogs, Facebook posts, tweets and Pinterest posts will keep your consumers interested and generating organic traffic (Real Interest). We do this through automation as well as human touch methodology, content syndication, audience building, engagement and more.

Maybe you don’t have a social media strategy. Let us help you build one. We’ll work together with your team to make sure that relevant and interesting information is posted and picked up by all of the search engine tools, which in turn builds your social reputation. And speaking of reputation, we have tools that allow you to know what people are saying about you and your business.

Does your relevancy cross over to the mobile industry? Now with smart phones it’s easier than ever to keep up to date with your social group and keep them talking about you–so let’s give them something to talk about.


Video & Photography

You know the old saying…A photo is worth a thousand words? Well, it’s still true. But with todays digital cameras, everyone claims to be a photographer…and now, with digital cameras technological advances, you don’t have to be a pro to get quality photo. HOWEVER, All photography is not created equal, and it still takes someone with experience to provide that perfect image you envision.

It takes a professional with a special eye for detail to get that perfect image in frame, with the right lighting, at the right moment. It doesn’t just happen by chance.

We take the time to tell a story with our photographs and video. We want people to experience what you have to offer through our photography. So just taking a shot of the bar or the restaurant or the beach, isn’t good enough, we want to make sure it’s the perfect moment that gives us the best results.

And for those unexpected moments where there is no “perfect” moment, we have a full in-house retouching studio to make it perfect – after the fact.


Aerial Video/Photography

ALL AERIAL IS NOT CREATED EQUAL – There are different types of drones used for different types of photography and video. We only use high quality drones that are designed with fail-safe features built in, GPS holding patterns, return home features and more, after all, you have your guests safety to keep in mind. PLUS, our drones y with state of the art cameras such as Canon 5d, Red Epic, and other high quality cameras that are professional HD grade. Don’t put the fate of your important photos and videos in the hands of a toy.

Our services encompass everything you need for a professional video or photography shoot. From planning your shoot, to sourcing models, to professional retouching and editing, we’ll make sure your experience with us is nothing but professional from beginning to end. Visit our site for a full gallery of images and videos.



Printing, Trade Shows, and Promotions

There’s still a high demand for printing, even in todays digital world. Our printing division involves all types of printing, whether it’s brochures, door hangers, welcome kits, banner material for tradeshow displays, wall-scapes, window banners, an entire cruise ship or even promotional items like coffee mugs, t-shirts, and hats.

No matter what your printing needs are, our staff can guide you on the best and most cost effective solution. We have a long history with printing and we only have certified vendors that have met our guidelines and quality requirements. Which, once again, means you can leave all the details to us.


We ARE the Right Agency for You…

While our company was built around diversity of clients, we’ve made it our focus for over 20 years to be experts in many types of business’. From travel & tourism, airlines, attractions, financial services, real estate, and more; we take the time to immerse ourselves into your industry so we can offer expert opinion on how to position and reach your audience. Our knowledge is not just superficial, we pride ourselves in dedicating personnel to get to know what makes your business work and what gets your clients excited. It’s not every day you find a full service agency that understands this confusing industry from every angle, and we are always aware of changes and developments that happen daily, so your marketing dollars are always well spent.

You can choose us as your All-Inclusive agency, or try us out a-la-carte – whichever you decide, we are here to make your life easier and your business more profitable. We have worked hand-in-hand with our partners from creative campaigns, web and print design, photography, co-op plans, promotions, videos, fitness fairs and more; no matter where your business takes you, we’re right there with you. Listed below are the services that we offer our partners, and once you’ve joined our family, you’ll understand why our new clients become our business partners.

Branding | Print Campaigns
Media Planning | Media Buying
Annual Reports

Social Media + SEM/SEO
Facebook | Twitter | Mobile Apps
Search Engine Marketing| SEO
Online Reporting and Tracking

Traditional & Digital | Motion
Product | Studio + Location Shoots
Lifestyle | Room/Architectural | Aerial

Inventory Management + Mailing
Promotional | Distribution | Stacking
Sort, Tie + Tray | Letter Metering
Presort Data | CSS/Addr Standardize

POP +POS | Logo Development
Fleet Marking + Wraps | Catalogs
Collateral Material | Displays
Posters | Packaging

Online + New Media
Marketing Campaigns | Banners
Website Development | E-commerce
Video | Animation | Image Galleries
CD Presentations | Company Video

Video Production
Aerial Video | Full Service Film Studio
Editing | Voice Overs
Story Board Production
Filming | Staging | Pre/Post Production

Printing + Production
Pre-Press | Large Format | Offset
Foil Stamping | Die + Laser Cutting
Print Management | Bindery
Finishing | Copy Center

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