Looking to get a better balance between direct bookings and OTA bookings?

You’re not the only one! But there’s a fine line to gaining direct bookings and not creating animosity with your existing OTA partners. The industry is heavily driven by the OTA business and it will most likely remain that way for a while. Some companies tell you they can increase your direct bookings, but they don’t tell you it may cost you existing OTA business. We find that happy median where direct bookings gradually increase, and your OTA business doesn’t drop off. We definitely want the scales to tip in your favor when it comes to direct bookings, but it takes time and proper planning. Don’t take a chance with 80% of your business, let us show you how to do it.






Who are we?

We are a full-service advertising agency focusing on the success of our Travel, Resorts and Tourism partners since 1993. We are not your typical agency, we get involved in more than just your advertising needs. We understand your business inside and out. It’s not JUST about raising the occupancy, but getting the highest ADR, it’s about getting the most return on your marketing dollars, and delivering on your promise EVERY time. We know the destination and the gateways that feed your business. We target the markets that make sense, we deliver to the right audience, we convert new guest, and we keep you relevant.

What does full service really mean?

Unfortunately, this term gets thrown around often. A real Full Service agency produces and controls all the work in-house. While they may use some outside services, it is few and limited with tight guidelines.
At Figment, our designers, web developers, strategists, video production, etc are all in-house. Why does this matter to you? Because when you call, we can find out what is going on with your projects right away, it also allows your account manager have to better control (manager to have better control) over the quality of your projects. As a full-service agency: We define your goals! We find your voice! We focus on your audience! We reveal your character! We show our results!