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Gigantor Goliath Mr. Big

Mr. Big: These are the largest of the fleet, 800 series helicopters with rotor blades extending mare than a 6 foot radius. Top of the line helicopters with all the right gear to get steady shots both for video and for photography. These birds can achieve speeds greater than 120MPH and have a stability that […]

600 Series Pro Red and Pro Orange:

Pro Red and Pro Orange: These helicopters are larger 600 series. They have all been upgraded with state of the art electrical systems, gyros, and stabilized camera mounts. Although these machines are able to achieve speeds up to 90MPH, they are used for skirting beaches, long distance runs and vast overviews of properties or landscapes. […]


 Spyder 1: This helicopter is a multi-rotor helicopter used for close-up shots when your subject will be within 10 feet. We use this to fly at close ranges such as on a golf course, flying over resort pools and beaches, nature scenes, confined areas, and anything where little to no inconvenience for the subjects being filmed. […]

EOS 5D Mark II

Canon 5D The standard camera on this setup is the Canon 5D, which shoots amazing video quality…(recently many movies and tv series have begun to use these due to their size and versatility). Photography is shot between 18-32 megapixels, shot in raw format for exceptional ability to retouch and color correct in post production. Using […]