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How to Increase Direct Mail Response Rates

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Getting the best possible direct mail piece is crucial to ensure that your direct mail ends up in the hands of the consumer, rather than in the trash.  This is where Variable Data Printing come in.

Variable Data Printing

How do you increase response rates on those direct mail pieces without spending a king’s ransom to do it?  Variable Data Printing is how.  It’s always been important to make the customer feel like the piece is mailed just to them, and the offer is just for them.  Address labels that look handwritten have long been a staple in Miami direct mail campaigns.  Variable Data Printing makes it even easier to make your customer feel special.

By inserting the correct name, images, relevant data about the prospect, and other information, you increase your response rate threefold.  That’s a massive difference in the response to your direct mail campaign, and one that can create explosive direct mail return on investment, without a huge investment!

Personalizing Appropriate Information

Having the appropriate information printed directly into the direct mail piece, you can increase your average order size, along with reducing the cost per response.  The combination of the two has a significant impact on your bottom line.  Often, those who respond to a standard direct mail piece might make a purchase once.  By including variable data printing in the direct mail piece, you increase the chances of that person ordering again, because they feel the piece was directed at them personally.

One of the truly amazing things about variable data printing is that you don’t have to worry about proofs being “off.”  Because of the nature of variable data printing, the proof that you approve is really the first piece of your production-printed direct mail campaign.  It looks exactly like what will be mailed to your customers because it is what will be mailed to your customers!

Contact us today to find out how the variable data printing technology can reduce your time and cost expenditures while increasing your return.

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