Digital Printing Can Make Your Business More Efficient

The Short Run – Advantages of Digital Printing

How Can  Digital Printing Advantages Like Short Run Make Your Business More Efficient?

printMany people do not understand the advantages of digital printing, especially in Miami. To help clear up some misunderstandings and misconceptions we put together this article for you.  Sometimes, the latest and coolest concepts in printing are appropriate to save you money, get a better response rate, or otherwise improve your ROI.  Other times, you just need something printed as quickly and efficiently as possible, and there are solutions for that as well. You’ve probably heard or said many time; “These have to look professional, but I only need a few!” What do you do when you only need a small quantity printed, but you need so many that the cost of ink and glossy paper for your inkjet would be insane?  Too many to print on an inkjet, too few to have professionally printed?  This is where Digital Printing comes in.

What is Digital Printing Really?

Digital printing refers to methods of printing from a digital-based image directly to a variety of media. It usually refers to professional printing where small-run jobs from desktop publishing and other digital sources are printed using large-format and/or high-volume laser or inkjet printers. Digital printing has a higher cost per page than more traditional offset printing methods, but this price is usually offset by avoiding the cost of all the technical steps required to make printing plates. It also allows for on-demand printing, short turnaround time, and even a modification of the image (variable data) used for each impression. The savings in labor and the ever-increasing capability of digital presses means that digital printing is reaching the point where it can match or supersede offset printing technology’s ability to produce larger print runs of several thousand sheets at a low price.

stluciaad2We’ve given businesses in Miami, FL and around the US a perfect solution.

That solution is a “short run” using digital printing.  What does short run printing entail?  We prepare the art and we can usually turn it around the same day, regardless of how small your quantity needs may be.  It’s sort of the equivalent of shared office space – you’re only paying for the portion of the printing you use, even if the press is running all day.   You don’t have to buy unnecessary quantities anymore and with a low minimum printing quantity.

Short Run Digital Printing Is Accessible to Every Business

Do you need overnight posters?  Do you need table tents or door hangers?  Or something entirely different?  Since we mentioned it, table tents are a perfect example of short run digital printing.  Say an average restaurant has fifty tables and changes their specials posted on the table on a monthly basis.  During that month, customers steal, damage, or otherwise render unusable one per week, per table.  So we’ll take the fifty tables times four weeks in a month, and we find the restaurant needs 200 table tents.  That’s not much to most printers.  You only need to purchase the quantity you need, on a just in time basis.

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