Jeffrey Pankey - President and Founder of Figment Designs

Jeffrey Pankey

President and Founder of Figment Designs

With over 23 years experience directing and managing creative and marketing efforts for clients, Jeff Pankey is the driving force behind the FigmentDesign Advertising Agency and has enjoyed much success in the advertising industry. Responsible for the overall direction of the agency, he also provides guidance with marketing and media relations, creative direction and campaign development, and extensive knowledge in various industries.

Prior to Figment he took on the role of developing the creative direction and marketing procedures for Air Jamaica Vacations as a start up company. His leadership and structural procedures were key to propelling this company into the industry leader that it became. Jeff Pankey built and directed the creative/marketing team responsible for the brand, additional sub-brands, over 200 hotel partners, 13 tourism partners, and tour operators; as well as managing media placements throughout US Gateways and Canada, as well as print and distribution throughout the continental US, Caribbean and UK.

Prior to Air Jamaica Vacations, he was the Senior Production manager for a large Florida based printing company. He was responsible for the overall client impression of final products for the cruise industry and airline industry. He has been in the industry from the ground up since 1991 and majored in corporate advertising and architectural engineering at Liberty University and Miami Dade College.

He serves the community in various non-profit organizations as well as on the board for the Coconut Grove Chamber of Commerce.

“You cannot dwell on your success or failure; it will only trap you in a false sense of glory or despair. View your success as mere accomplishments that make you more prepared for the next challenge. And your failures as a reminder to keep your feet on the ground and that you can always improve.”
– Jeffrey Pankey

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