All website owners should have cyber security on their minds, and if you’re the owner of an eCommerce site it should always be on the top of your list. If your website accepts credit card payment then you should be taking extra care in making sure you have a secure method of accepting those payments. […]

How do you move beyond ‘the right message to the right person at the right time? Assemble the right teams For pilot projects, initiatives often start with just one line of business (e.g., email, customer service, social or mobile), then spread more broadly through the organization. Education, knowledge-sharing, agility and empowerment are essential to spark […]

How do you show the value of long-term SEO recommendations in the short term? Take HTTPS as an example. As search marketers, we know there is long-term value in transitioning to a secured site. The web is moving in a more secure direction, users want trust, and heck, Google has stated it’ll give preference to […]

14 Apr

Who Are you?… Really!! This is not your family video or wedding memories we’re talking about.Today there are so many different ways to create commercials, documentaries, web-isodes, viral video, youtube channels and more. And each of these has a different budget that varies according to quality and production. At Figment we have the experience shooting […]