Figment is happy to be a part of the FIA Formula-e Championship in Miami Florida. Working with Andretti Sports Marketing, Virgin Racing, Venturri Racing, Formula-e and other sponsors of the race. Figment is full service in every sense of the meaning. For this event we have designed, engineered, permitted and produced the large Starting line […]

3 Mar
What is Advertising, really? Advertising is a form of communication for marketing and used to encourage or persuade your audience (viewers, readers or listeners; sometimes a specific group) to continue or take some new action. Most commonly, the desired result is to drive consumer behavior with respect to a commercial offering.  Advertising messages are usually [...]

Bus wrap, Car Wraps, Truck wrap or Wrap advertising Vehicle Wraps is the marketing practice of completely or partially covering (wrapping) a vehicle in an advertisement or livery; a mobile billboard is the outcome of the process. Wrap advertising can be achieved by painting onto a vehicle’s outer surface, but an increasingly ubiquitous practice in […]