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Our New Website

Development Not unlike other agencies, we prioritize client projects — website redesigns, promotional videos, banner ads, etc. — over internal ones. There are deadlines, copy changes, last-minute requests, and many other tasks that pop up. As a result, our website was put on the back burner, and was overdue for a redesign. A site should be […]

How Can Remarketing Help Your Business?

Remarketing Digital remarketing, also known as retargeting, can be one of the most underrated marketing channels in the digital arsenal. This usually happens because remarketing ads contact customers in the middle or end of the funnel, while most analytics tools focus on first or last-click attribution. The best metaphor we’ve heard is that your remarketing […]

Understanding Referral Programs

Referral Programs Customer referrals are vital in the marketing world. According to Nielsen, potential customers trust recommendations made by friends and family 92 percent of the time. And yet with this strong statistic few companies are actively harnessing the power of the referral. When online and offline marketing and advertising tactics are combined, these word-of-mouth […]

Radio Spot Length: Which is Right for Your Business?

Do I go with a 30-second spot or a 60-second spot? That is the question you ask if you’re a business considering radio advertising as an option. Trying to determine the right length of creative when it comes to a radio spot can be a difficult choice. Do you go with a longer spot that […]

Creative Communication: How Do We Communicate a Client’s Vision Creatively

Creating a defined and well-communicated brand can convert the typical consumer into a loyal brand advocate. You have to tell your brand’s story in a way that’s compelling and engaging. To accomplish that goal, you need a brand communication strategy, but that’s easier said than done. At Figment, we’ve assisted hundreds of brands find their […]

Taking Steps To Secure Your Website

All website owners should have cyber security on their minds, and if you’re the owner of an eCommerce site it should always be on the top of your list. If your website accepts credit card payment then you should be taking extra care in making sure you have a secure method of accepting those payments. […]

Another Reason to Switch to HTTPS

Google’s latest changes – Moving towards a more secure web Now small business owners have one more reason to switch to HTTPS thanks to Google latest change in the way it searches for URLs. Google has announced that it is modifying the way its indexing system seeks out for more HTTPS pages.  The recent changes […]


The holiday season is upon us and it’s time to make sure your email campaign has all the right elements to be successful. FIVE WAYS TO IMPROVE YOUR HOLIDAY OPEN RATES, CLICK THROUGH RATES & REVENUE: SUBJECT LINE It’s what leads to an opened email or a deleted one, so make sure it stands out. […]

Best Practices for Contextual Campaigns

How do you move beyond ‘the right message to the right person at the right time? Assemble the right teams For pilot projects, initiatives often start with just one line of business (e.g., email, customer service, social or mobile), then spread more broadly through the organization. Education, knowledge-sharing, agility and empowerment are essential to spark […]

Long Term SEO & Proving Value

How do you show the value of long-term SEO recommendations in the short term? Take HTTPS as an example. As search marketers, we know there is long-term value in transitioning to a secured site. The web is moving in a more secure direction, users want trust, and heck, Google has stated it’ll give preference to […]

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