The Figment Group

The Figment Group

Figment Design - Miami Advertising Agency

FIGMENT (fig-muhnt) – Noun

definition: a mere product of mental invention; fantastic notion. something invented, made up or fabricated.
Isn’t that what creativity is all about… the creation of something new, on the cutting edge, standing out and grabbing the attention of others?
Founded in 1994, this Miami advertising agency was developed to create eye-catching campaigns, to imagine that next ‘new look’, to dream that next ‘great design’…but also have the experience and industry knowledge to see it through the various channels of marketing and media. Since that day, Figment Group has consolidated all the necessary elements in the design related fields into one team.

Housed under one roof is a creative agency that creates the look, a marketing agency that develops your message & target, a media firm to place & manage your media, a full service web development & design department to bring it to the masses, and production studio for your pre and post production video. Figment is a Creative Powerhouse that spreads across all medias, all genres, and all industries.

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