Don't Let Your Creativity Die

Don't Let Your Creativity Die

Group Brainstorming

Technology has brought out different qualities in people. For the advertising industry, it has provided the potential for great, revolutionary creativity. However, technology will not live up to its potential until it is thought of less like televisions and more like paintbrushes.

Designers see computer screens not simply as information machines, but also as a new medium for innovative design and expression. The more we learn about our technological abilities, the more imaginative we become.

Every person is neurologically capable of creativity; but only some keep this creativity active while others unconsciously keep it dormant. In this modern era of technology, it is just as easy to turn off the brain and absorb the entertaining value of technology rather than utilize it toward building our artistic imagination.

Here are a few tips toward keeping creative juices flowing:

  1. Collect things that inspire you.
    Sometimes you’re in a rut. Whether it is in the middle of the creative process or just a bad day at work, a collection of different things can bring out a positive and creative disposition in you. If you aren’t a hoarder, then the Internet is a place of limitless exploration and can bring your inspiration.
  1. Never stop brainstorming.
    It always helps to pick up some relevant reading material or watch some tutorials online. By conducting research and putting your mind to work, you increase your own capabilities and knowledge. Sometimes by brainstorming ideas for other projects, you can reach a breakthrough for the one giving you trouble.
  1. Brainstorm in groups.
    Creative people need peers to bounce their ideas off of. By supporting those around you, you create positive synergy with people who have similar goals and issues. With this fresh energy, you will emerge inspired and someone will probably give you a great creative solution that keeps your spark going.
  1. Create in another discipline.
    Switch it up! Try a new outlet for self-expression and experimentation. To stay creative, you must awaken different parts of your brain. Balance some mental projects (writing) with hands-on (crafting). When new neural connections are formed, you have more material for your subconscious to access when you’re trying to find your creativity.
  1. Remember that creativity cannot be forced.
    Accept that moments of non-productivity will happen. Creativity requires a period of gestation; allow your ideas to brew and take form with time. Imagine. Dream. Aspire. These are the ingredients to manifest your inner creativity.


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