Aerial photography taking of photographs of the ground from an elevated position using high end model helicopters in HD.

 Spyder 1:

This helicopter is a multi-rotor helicopter used for close-up shots when your subject will be within 10 feet. We use this to fly at close ranges such as on a golf course, flying over resort pools and beaches, nature scenes, confined areas, and anything where little to no inconvenience for the subjects being filmed.

The benefit of this helicopter is that it is fairly small and quiet, therefore if you are shooting and don’t want a lot of disturbance, this is the copter to us. It is very stable and has a GPS satelite link, which allows us to place it in a specific location and allow technology to hover it while we get the footage necessary.

While this helicopter is able to move at speeds of 30-40MPH, it is not intended for actions shots or filming during high speeds. This setup is for smooth flying or hovering. It can get as close as 10 feet from your subject and still manuever to heights of up to 1,500 feet. Primary flying conditions are between 0-8knots. Higher winds simply limit the amount of stability in hovering.

This unit has a gyro-directional camera mount, holding a GoPro HD Hero shooting full 1080HD.



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