Why Your Business Should Be Online & Have A Website

Your Business: To Be or Not to Be Online?

Why Should Your Business Need To Be Online?

global-smallGiving your small business an online presence means more than simply putting up a website with your address, email and phone number. It means setting up a virtual version of your business, the face and branding of your company and a social presence such as a Facebook page. In this digital era, more people search online for the products and services they need as opposed to searching through a phone book or browsing store to store. Ignoring this reality in marketing is like saying, “I don’t need any new business I’m making the money I want.”

The Digital Age, A New Economy

It’s no secret that the Internet has created a new economy. Since 1991 when the NSF first allowed commercial use of the Internet the world changed how it did business. Since then we changed our perception and the way we do business. Think of Jeff Bezos founder of Amazon. He set up his business in his garage. Now his net worth is worth $34.7 billion. There is no doubt that this was all due to his small business having an online presence. However, in order to be successful online, you don’t have to be a giant like Amazon or eBay. Many small and mid-size businesses succeeded in building online businesses quite lucratively. Small and mid-size companies will be the main growth force of e-commerce in the digital age.

The Internet Is The Perfect Place For Business

Where do you think more people enter the Target across the street or Target.com? In order to make a sale you need visitors to come to your store. Online there are no lines, no wait, no open and closing hours, no, well you name it. You’re a click away from customers. With proper marketing and a web design company to back you up your Internet storefront can have more buyers than you ever can get in a physical shop.

Low Start Up Cost

How much does a store cost these days? Building a website doesn’t require that kind of investment. There are many tools available for small business owners that won’t leave you hurting in the bank. Tools like WordPress can help your business get a boost online. With a good web design company, you can have a site build in a relative short amount of time. Not bad for opening your business to the world.

Business 24/7

Could you be at work 24 hours a day 7 days a week? Well you can if your store was online. The biggest advantage of online shops is that they are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Your online store never closes, never takes coffee breaks, doesn’t have vacation time, doesn’t take lunch breaks and doesn’t complain about pay. Your store is open while you sleep and you can sleep sound that you have a web team behind it, protecting it.

Corporate Image

Today everyone has a digital presence. We are all on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Even your Corporation has a digital image. Whether you sell a product or a service you have a presence on the Internet. Those that don’t have a presence on the Internet are under the illusion that they have a business when in reality they aren’t even in the sights of the competition. For example, if you have a company that sells electronics but isn’t online, how can it compete with the Best Buy and the TigerDirect down the corner? Most people don’t take you seriously when they ask you for your business’ website and you don’t have one. A nice corporate site definitely increases the image of a company, especially if it has great product or service related content to go with it as well as good SEO.

www-fiPhysical Presence Anywhere

Imagine being on your vacation on the beaches of Hawaii and knowing your business is running just fine. The Internet allows you to do business from any part of the world. Your physical location, except for few cases is not that important since you conduct your business online. Your portal to the world is on the palm of your hands.

Provide Better Customer Support

Business owners can’t control how good of a day an employee or a customer is having. When the customer visits the store and has a bad experience it’s mostly out of the owner’s hand. Thanks to the Internet, business can provide customer support and care more effectively. This means better customer satisfaction and increase of profitability. When connecting your site with your social media such as Facebook you can keep connected with your customer base. You’ll have more accurate feedback from the people you’re trying to attract to your business.

Information Easily Available To Customers

How can you give a present to a customer? In old times companies used to require days to deliver products or services or up to date information to their customers. This is not the case anymore. Now you can add or make any changes to your company and product related content virtually in a matter of hours. Publish on your site and share with the whole world the latest news to your customers.

Reduce Costs

Your online presence helps you streamline the business process. This allows you to cut costs in almost every aspect of your business. Companies reduce their maintenance, repair, and even the cooperation costs by using e-business solutions such as online shopping carts. No more slip and fall frivolous lawsuits.

Global Presence

If you open your pharmacy and they put a Walgreens and a CVS on each side can you compete with them? Thanks to the Internet, you instantly become a global player. You don’t have to invest large amounts of money opening up your business in every corner. Your business has a radius of action; the online world gives you a global radius.

Have your business online before you are out of business.

The longer you wait to have an online presence the harder it’s going to be for you to reach your customers. In the long run do you think more people are going to buy at the corner store or on an online company? If not you then think of the next generation who’ll be the consumer base of the future. Are they buying everything online now? How about 5 years from now? Take your business to the next level. Find yourself a web design and marketing company and give your business the advantage it needs.

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